CDB OIL DROPS - 500mg / 1250mg

Our premium CBD Oil Drops come in a 2 oz, 60 ml bottle, containing 1250mg or 500mg of pure CBD oil in an additional blend of grape seed oil and a hint of stevia.



Our premium CBD Pain Rub is a 100% pure natural blend of essential oils and contains 250mg of the highest grade CBD oil.


SILK Collagen Cream

Experience the luxury of pure 100% Type-1 Collagen.


JUST BREATHE is so much more than a company to me. It is an extension of my personal life. Throughout my life, I have experienced struggles and trials, and to help myself relax, I adopted the mantra JUST BREATHE. I would tell myself those two words during difficult times and found comfort in the simple concept of taking a breath. A single breath, along with my mantra became the foundation for tackling challenges; pausing in times of weakness to take a breath, generate strength and push forward towards my goals.

I developed the products for JUST BREATHE to help people experience the joy in being healthy, inside and out. My CBD Oil Drops help you be healthy on the inside, and my SILK Collagen line helps you to be happy on the outside. I take great pride in saying that I use my own products every day and lead by example by not only promoting healthy living and products but my living a healthy lifestyle myself.

At the age of 53, I feel healthy and vibrant and am living life to the fullest. I invite you to JUST BREATHE and do the same.

—Cheryl Loveall